Our goal at Calvek is to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations and to add value to your business. This can only be achieved with the full cooperation and partnership of our customers. Our project team includes the customer’s project manager, and we need every team member clearly focused to deliver the highest quality systems our customers have come to expect from Calvek.

Calvek firmly believes that good project management is essential for the success of each program. We define Project Management as the planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring of company resources and suppliers to complete specific goals and objectives. One of our specific goals is to complete all projects on time and on budget. To that end we employ a complete ISO9000 Quality System driven project management program.

Your project will involve multiple phases of development. These project phases are divided into elements and detailed in a Gantt chart, which is provided to you. Our schedules are 50-200 line items, depending on the project size. Clear attention to each of these items permits our project managers to better control our resources to achieve the desired goals and offers you greater visibility into our progress on the project.

The Calvek project manager will communicate with your appointed project manager on a by-weekly basis. This correspondence will be a written status report outlining general project status, open issues, input required from the customer, progress towards specific milestones, progress by discipline, customer part requirements, and an updated GANTT chart with progress indicated. Our project manager will also clearly communicate in the status reports any outstanding information, decisions or material that the customer is late in providing and the consequences of the delays in receiving it.

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